Tuesday, January 17, 2006

And about the New Year

I have not been lazy. Nor have I given up blogging. I swear. Solemnly. I have been sitting here, in front of my computer, contemplating my nails. Torn between posting on the end of the year, simply carrying on with one of the few posts I've been mulling over, or finally, catching my breath a bit.

For all my quiet - oh alright, not-so-quiet, then - murmurs of disgruntlement about a lack of friends and things to do, the past five weeks (or so) have been replete with exactly these. And my cup ran over and spilled down the front of my life, I think. All of a sudden, I've had too much to do and Christ, after that first fitting, I think my tailor's given up hope of seeing me again!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was down from wherever in world (and India) they are. As a result, I have taken more long lunches at work, skipped work by 19:00 sharp, and gone to Bandra more times in the past month than in the past two years! I must admit to being a little bewildered because despite the complaining, I have gotten used to being on my own - with fewer than a few people around.

I have gotten used to a drink, dinner or a movie being events occuring when the moon is aligned with something that I can't quite identify. My multi-tasking skills aren't what they used to be, I fear, because I am now, officially, exhausted. Not to say that I minded the rushing about but I seem unable to keep pace. Grown soft in the teeth, I was told by an insolent young pup!

These five weeks have to be the best for what seems a very, very long time. I met some very old and dear friends - put up with tantrums, threw some of my own and knew that everything was definitely okay. I finally put a face and physical personality to a friend, and one of the greatest poets I'll ever read, in an afternoon of chocolate sepia conversations. I gloried in peculiar, unexpected conversations at Crossword and leisurely lunches over photography, sunsets and nostalgia.

My camera and I saw one of my closest friends get married and are now secure in the fact that we have ammunition forever! My one profound observation: there are few things as joyous and heartwarming as watching two people, who so evidently want to be together, getting married. And oh? Get off, all those thinking "Ah yes, prime example of a sentimental fool!" :-)

I also made some friends I hope to see a lot more of. I know this is long overdue but I am not going to talk about it now because I do believe these encounters deserve their own post. And I do promise not to forget about this post, the way I have other post-promises I've made.

There is one that deserves special mention. One for whom I waited two years to come back from the US. My best friend; a man who, despite his impatience, is the most wonderful man. The past couple of years have been life-altering for the both of us and before he arrived, I wondered what being around each other again would be like.

All my speculation could not have done this justice. These threads were the same but different... steadying, mature and stronger than ever. I feel rested, certainly recharged enough to take on the next few months. It's going to be a very long two years if I do not do what I must in October.

On a completely different note, the only thing that has not taken a backseat is photography. The photograph below is of a dear friend, patient ear, and indulgent partner in photographic adventures, A, against a sunset at Marine Drive. He had just taken his shot and was coming back when I took this one. It is, indubitably, one of my absolute favourites! Ever.



SaidBack said...

Thanks, and very well done. :)
You seem bent upon outdoing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It's making me dizzy!
One post that will probably make sense only to those who are the initiated, and I'm sad I ain't one of 'em. What's that bit about doing something by October or waiting 2 years, then?
Post more often, and have a good one.

Ash said...

Hey, sounds like you've had a great time !

Many many many sincere apologies for not contacting you when I was in Bombay. I was absolutley and completely swamped with meeting family and friends. I'm really sorry !

Maybe next time ... Or when you come down to Houston sometime :)

Wish you a Happy New Year !

Subrajit said...

And my cup ran over and spilled down the front of my life, I think.

Douglas would have smiled, I think. :-)

Casablanca said...

Awww... so beautifully written!

I too, thought I had got used to the lonliness, but loved it when I had friends visiting for christmas and new year's. Tiring. But great!

Psst... what are you doing in October? Sorry, I'm a curious cat ;)

Blue Athena said...

Nice post and a nice pic! :)

So now all cribs done away with? Or new ones peeking already? :P

Viewer said...

Well seems like u have been having a rollercoaster ride in the past couple of weeks :)

Prerona said...

hello! thanks for dropping by. happy new year. seems to be going well. i have been sitting at my desk and watching my nails grow, too, ever since i got back from my hols! just cant seem to settle down!

Geetanjali said...

Hey sentimental fool ;-) *ducking for cover*

Good one this, warmed the cockles and all that - now get on with it and put up those posts you've been promising and promised in this one as well!

*shit this time I didn't duck fast enough*

Srikar said...

We all need a break. Good that you are having one. Btw, your photos on Flickr are truly awesome. I really liked the one on the plane. The clouds are so well shaped, it looks like there has been a nuclear explosion there!

transience said...

i love how this all just pours out. we all need that sometimes. be well, and all my love. xx.

A said...

A very good shot for such an ordinary subject. Thank you very much. :-)

Arjun said...

You've been busy. That much is evident.
You've caught up with friends old'n'new. Again - you wrote that.

Just somebody here who wanted some time.. that I'll call you right back... the call that was never made.
Then again - Diva rulz!!

finnegan said...

Well well well, the first vestiges of E. Vestigio has returned after a bloggeternity (what a rhythm that has).

No matter---this post makes up for the hoovered-up time like few others. You've not only posted a wonderful recounting, but a photographic jump into the melting sun.

Love this!

K said...

Tell me about old friends coming out of the woodwork, but somehow after you meet after 5-6-7 years you always seem to remember them as they were - not the fatter, greying/balding, married (maybe divorced) person they are now. Sometimes, for me it is impossible to accept the new iteration, but then again, I'm not the same either.
I guess I'm being unfair here.
Great picture!

Extempore said...

@Pepper: Actually, thank you! Am glad you liked this one!

@Isis: Sometimes the specifics don't matter. And the two years? Well, I waited two years for my best friend, Brian, to come home so I could spend some time with him. Thanks!

@Ash: Oh yes, great time it was. Not at all, I quite understand. It's a pity we didn't get to meet but there's always a next time! :-)

@Subrajit: I can only hope, my sweet, truly! :-)

@Casa: Thank you sweetie! And about Oct - well, I should have realised a long cherished dream by then! Sorry, I am great one for mystery! Ok, ok, don't glare so! Should have started my Masters by Oct. Inshallah!

@Blue Athena: Thanks, my dear - all cribs, old and new, mostly done.

@Viewer: Yes it has! How have you been, my dear? Our fair city still treating you well, I hope? :-)

@Prerona: Happy New Year to you too! Am so glad that you had a good holiday home!

@Geets: Beta, pitoge tum! Yes, yes, getting on with it - I promise!

@Srikar: Thanks - when you plan to start posting again!

@Trans: Aww, thank you sweetie! I hope you are well too - Much love to you too!

@A: It's a life less ordinary sometimes ain't it! And thank you!

Arjun: There you go guilt-tripping me! Many hugs, you monkey!

@Finnegan: Thank you! *hug* - for both wonderful rhythm and kind words.

@K: The change in myself is what surprises the most really and meeting with the past is what brings that to the fore. Thankfully, I was lucky - all these of were part of the present and Inshallah, the future too! :-)

@All my patient readers: Pls give me a week or so and I promise I will start posting more regularly! Really!

Srikar said...

I'm back to posting again! Thanx to you and a few more people like you!!

After this I have to say, coersion works...

Stormy Zephyr said...

Good to see you smile!! Welcome back...

Extempore said...

@Srikar: Thanking you so kindly, my dear! :-)

@Stormy Zephyr: Thank you for such kind words. :-)