Friday, February 03, 2006

Sub: Leave of Absence

Dear Reader,

I would like to request leave of absence for a week - from the 4th of February till the 12th of February 2006. I know I promised you there would be no more dereliction of duty (and interest) but circumstances conspire to make me journey to Hyderabad.

My Masters' application package needs documents which can only be provided by the Department of English, University of Hyderabad. These, of course, could be procured in absentia but being the government institution that the university is, I must personally ensure that my application does not need to fear the Ides of March.

I also have some other matters that require my urgent attention. I must admit that I am apprehensive about this trip. And yet hopeful of resolving everything and returning with a lighter sense of being than the past few months. Please hope things work out.

In conclusion, I promise to come back in one piece, without falling into the lake on campus at sunset, trying to get a good angle. Or get myself killed in the Old City, photographing the Charminar or Laad Bazaar. With your permission, I will not, at this moment, explain what these places are. I should like those images to speak for themselves and request your patience. I also promise to miss you with every mouthful of biryani.

Thank you for approving my leave,



gd said...

Very well, I'm granting you leave. However I expect a new post from you AS SOON as your leave ends - meaning the 13th of February - else the air will be clouded with obscenity.
Anyway... till then, you have fun, collect your documents, try not to beat up anyone at the University, resolve your things to be resolved, and hey, get some good pictures without injuring yourself or anyone else. Including the shots we discussed, remember?

Anonymous said...

someone gets to be in hyderabad, while i'm stuck here in downtown toronto. life is NOT fair!

Ash said...

Hyderabadi biryani ... mmmmm... gawd, now I haev to pester P to take me to a biryani place soon !

Enjoy !

Srikar said...

Hyderabad ! My town. Hey if you go there try to visit 'Birla temple', 'Lumbini Park', 'Nehru Zoo Park', 'Ramoji Film City'. you are sure to get some stunning shots there.

About biryani, there are 2 places where you must have hyderabadi biryani from - 1) The paradise hotel 2) Bavarchi Hotel.
You can ask anyone in hyderabad abt it, they'll tell you where it is.

Also charminar, Laad baazar (esp. for ladies this place is heaven!) and Necklace Road.

Have a nice time...

Asmaan B Khorshid said...

Never understood how people voluntarily go to Hyd

Geetanjali said...

Alrighty dear you've been granted leave of absence (aren't we so much
better than those employers of yours?;-) )

All the best with everything in H'bad - that includes struggle with
red-tapism getting documents, personal issues that I hope shall be resolved without any hurt/tears on either side and last but not the least with the photography...

PS You couldn't resist that last barb abt the biryani could you?
Had carried my yummy date cake this time - you and Appu, both missed it...(me feeling better having said that- muhahahaha)

Jo said...

You are in Hyderabad! Gasp!!
Would you come back this very instant if I disapprove your leave? ;)

Stop fooling around in Hyderabad. Collect your docs and come back soon. You have lot of blogging to do!

Have fun girlie :-)

Casablanca said...

Awww, how sweet of you to ask :D
And yes, biryani, bangles and banjara hills is what I remember of Hyderabad.

On an entirely different note, I like memories. Yummy!

Prat said...

Hee, hyderabad of is Irani chai.
Welcome to this hot wonderland, woman!
Hope you have had a wonderful trip and the Buddha from the middle of the lake showers impeccable showers of happiness on you!

finnegan said...

be good, gooder and goodest, dahlink! waiting paitiently bye and bye.

Parth said...

Leave approved, especially since you were considerate of my indefinite leave :-) I am back, thanks for the kind words.

Extempore said...

@GD: Thank you, kind sir. Deadlines have come and gone and thankfully no obscenity! :)

@Isis: Well, some girls have all the fun - almost!

@Ash: You must come down to Hyd with me sometime... will introduce you to the best biryani in the world.

@Srikar: Five years in Hyd have taught me better than Paradise. The next time you're in town, go to the Shaadab Hotel in the Old City, opposite Madina Bakery - that's biryani enough to tempt the Buddha in the middle of the lake! And yup, did get some LOVELY shots! :)

@Asmaan: Well, what can I say I love the place.

@Geets: Yes, my sweet, you are so much better than my employers! And Hyd went well - as well enough under the circumstances. More on the phone!

@Jo: Thanks, love! And yes indeed, fun it was!

@Casa: Am glad, my dear, you approve the leave. In all honesty, was a little scared of the memories... but it all turned out okay in the end. :)

@Prat: Yes of Irani chai but I have a confession to make. I don't really like it - among the few things about Hyd that I didn't really take to... I love everything - I swear! :)

@Finnegan: Was as good as can be expected, sweetie. Have hurryed back home! :)

@Parth: AWESOME! Welcome back! Rushing right over! :)