Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have half a mind to sit quietly in one corner. It's been well over a week, the wonderful weather in Bombay has vanished faster than beer on a hot afternoon and this post is now entirely irrelevant. I mean, there's really no point now in going on about how the weather was so perfect or that this time, the rain, light as it was, didn't bring slushy roads and maddening traffic jams in its wake.

No point either in waxing on about the rain also bringing overcast weather - the sort where you want to curl up under a blanket. With either a pizza, or a cup of tinned tomato soup, or a bowl of moong ka dal and rice. (I have funny rainy day comfort foods - what can I say?) One of those days when you put on some Miles and leaf your way through a book all day. In the evening, you catch up with friends, clean and roll their weed, while drinking gently into that good night.

I always mean to post every three or four days and if it isn't a tyrannical reviewer or my own sloth that prevents it, there's something else that requires my attention exactly then. And once it's done, my point and the post are usually immaterial. And that, my dears, is the fate of most posts in the Drafts folder.

But perhaps this once, both me and the post shall make an exception because of the overcast weather which brought such wonderful lighting for photography, even in the middle of the day when light is usually harsh. At the risk of stupendous immodesty, I don't believe I've ever shot as well as these and only on a few other occasions, enjoyed myself that much!

I was on my way to town to collect my transcripts, return books to the library, and watch a film perhaps. I do not wish to make the beauty of the day trite, ergo, I am going to let these images speak in their own voice. A couple of things though. These images are in chronological order and none of them has been touched up for the colours or improved in composition - among the reasons I am so proud of them. :-)

Behind the Sun

Into the Sun

35 Miles to Memphis

The Gates of Heaven


I can only be grateful that A was kind enough to let me monopolise his camera (since I had been stupid enough to forget mine) and patiently pull over wherever I asked - even if we were in the middle of the Western Express Highway, doing 70 kmph! The mercies, I tell you, of being driven by a fellow photographer. :-)

There are, of course, some more here.


Prerona said...

wonderful - first 2 pics were truely marvellous!

SaidBack said...

I like the bird flying thru the shot.

i-me-moi said...

i like the 35. been a while. been too swamped under to do regular rounds these days. but u are on my favs list and the intention of catchin up with you sometime still stands steady. cheers, d

Anonymous said...
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Parth said...

Even in the midst of the beautifully lit pictures, the one that stuck in my mind is the one with board that reads "35". Very good snaps.

Extempore said...

@Prerona: Thanks! :)

@Pepper: That bird was completely unintentional but am quite happy it did!

@I-me-moi: 35 is my favourite as well - its a theme thats quite overdone but there was something about the shot. :).

Will look forward to seeing you sometime soon. :)

@Isis: My love, weed? Marijuana, dope, grass? :) A number of my friends smoke up and lending a hand over the years, I've turned into a professional cleaner and roller of weed!

And I absolutely don't mind the latching onto a word or image. Will send that pending mail this weekend - I promise!

@Parth: Thank you sir! From a fellow photographer, that's very kind of you! :) 35 is my favourite too.

Geetanjali said...


And yes, wierd comfort food...for chrissake TINNED soup? Haven't you heard of honest to goodness real soup?

Casablanca said...

Awesome photos. Loved the first one... it shines and shimmers and glows and... oh well, its just bright and lovely :)

And rainy day comfort food for me is toast with butter. I know I know, I'm weird.

Anonymous said...

hi-yeah, i thought you said weed. ;)
gosh, that comment had been preying on my mind since i posted - typical me, shoot off first, brood later kind of thing, and i meant to delete it, so i did before checking out that you had actually replied. sorry.
N ribs me about my horrible victorian prudery, and now you know what he means.

Anonymous said...

stunning pix, though. about time too!

Jinguchakka said...

Cool photos!

Blue Athena said...

The second pic is alsolutely breathtaking! :)

gd said...

Beautiful pics. Really lovely, every single one of them. I agree, you've outdone yourself this time.

Cherie! said...


Extempore said...

@Geets: Thank you! Like I said, I have funny comfort food on rainy days - only rainy days, mind!

@Casa: Thanks! If toast with butter is rainy day comfort food, what do you for breakfast everyday? :)

@Isis: It's really okay, love. N hasn't said anything about horrible victorian prudery but you must have done well in Marathe's classes! :P!

And as for posting - trust me, I feel like crap about not posting as often as I'd like to - esp in the past few months. But I am trying to do something about it starting April... wish me luck!

Jinguchakka: Thanks - for both your kind words and dropping by! :)

@Blue Athena: Thank you, m'dear!

@GD: Why, thank you! :)

Cherie! Thank you. :)

Casablanca said...

Who gets time to have breakfast everyday? :(

A said...

Amazing no? The sky that was bright blue during the day suddenly turns bright red in evening. I think all the photos are just equally amazing but the '35' one is making me extremely jealous :-)

Viewer said...

Beautiful pictures .....
the sunset is breathtaking

Saltwater Blues said...

beautiful photos .. do you have a digital SLR?


Jo said...

I love the first photo!!
I usually view your blog when I'm at the office because I can't see the pics clearly on my home comp.
But, these pics are excellent! Even with a bad monitor, I can see the beauty in these pics.

Love emm all! :-)

educatedunemployed said...

Beautiful photos.Skies in Mumbai?

gd said...

What's going on?!?! Too busy eating jacks?! It's been a month since the last post!!!