Sunday, June 11, 2006

Of Firsts

This is my first post ever. On vacation. Since I started E Vestigio, I've been on three vacations but I haven't had a first birthday on any of them yet. That's what makes this post different.

One year.

I didn't think I'd make it this long. I've been writing since I was eleven - journals, letters, short stories, botched attempts at poetry, and little scraps of nothing at all. And I've never sustained anything beyond a few months. But through all the Houdini acts, I've somehow always known that I'd get back to the Drafts folder. And that, for me, is an entirely different experience.

It's been a year since I began to...
... learn how to speak in a new voice.
... understand myself through my writing.
... see everything old and known through new eyes - my camera.
... share my world so intensely.

It's also been a year (or nearly) since I've known incredibly special and generous people who did not once give up on me - no matter how many failed promises to post or mail.

These are people....
... whose friendship means more than "bits and bytes on a screen."
... who mean wonderful memories at Lemon Grass and Oh! Calcutta in Bombay and the German Bakery and Aloha in Pune.
... whose imaginations have allowed me non sequitur and dream journeys into the arts of expression and writing.
... who have taught me how to understand people and reached out to me despite time-zones and personal restrictions.

How can my words begin to be enough? I can but say thank you. Such an inadequate phrase, though.

The word cloud, which I've been meaning to try for a while, seems a good way to celebrate E Vestigio. The wonderful thing about the cloud is that it seems a state of mind - like this blog. The one that I created when Geetanjali posted hers was quite different and I think that's quite wonderful. :-)

Courtesy Snapshirts

Before I go, I'd like your opinion on how to write about my trip to Coorg. Should I deal with it daywise or "as-a-whole? Please to advise. As always, many thanks!


Stormy Zephyr said...

You are visiting Coorg, one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka! Ah, you are so lucky! I lived close by to Coorg and never once had the good fortune to visit it. I hope to see Coorg through your words, E Vestigo! As always, you leave more than just a trail of words as you write. Your silence is as much powerful. Have a wonderful trip

GD said...

Congratulations and a very happy first birthday! I hope to see you celebrate many more. It's been a pleasure reading your blog this past year. I've possibly enjoyed it more than I enjoy pestering you to post - and you know how much I enjoy doing that.
As for your Coorg post, which I am eagerly awaiting - for more than one reason, I'd suggest "as-a-whole". I'd also suggest "soon".

Geetanjali said...

:-) Felicitations ma bon voyage!

As for the trip, describe it to us through pictures - word as well as photographic! Whether it comes in any kind of chronology or any other order matters not the least bit! :-)

Parth said...

Hey, congratulations. keep the posts coming.

Prat said...

Yipee! Congratulations.
I would like a day by day account please. And pictures too!

lakesidey said...

Stand not upon the order of thy writing, child....but for Pete's sake, write pronto! I want to know what to expect - I am headed there myself in a week! :)

Extempore said...

@Stormy: Coorg, I think, is one of the most beautiful places in world, let alone Karnataka! I am just waiting for my photos to come back - all six rolls of them. :-)

@GD: Thank you, my dear. I am not sure I would have posted as much if I didn't live in such abject terror of you. :-) I don't think the as-a-whole is going to work out - too much, photos and words, for one post, I think.

@Geets: Thank you, dearest! Will post as soon as I get the pics... have been diligently writing while in Coorg so it won't take as much time to write. Really! :-)

@Parth: Thanks, m'dear! I am trying to keep them coming... just don't hold my earlier record against me. :-)

@Prat: Thank you! Your wish is my command - coming up as soon as I get the pics.

@Lakesidey: Call me when you read this and I'm not going to post by the time you get there but trust me, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. My words are certainly not enough. :-)

finnegan said...

the reason i haven't given up on you is because of posts like this one, so full of warm-hearted, thoughtful and original self-expression.

the posted text image is delightful.

long live e vestigio. happy birtday!

Nocturne said...

one hopes that she is a few of the lucky ones mentioned here, though sadly not a part of lemongrass, aloha et al.
and even when one is not, rest assured that she is a permanant part of the faithful horde.

the word cloud is absolutely brilliant, which shall be immediately and shamelessly cribbed for my page. [thanx gee-babes and you, credit where credit is due!]

luz de la luna said...

Happy Birthday :-)

As for blogging your adventures, my advice: Follow your heart; it's the only way :-)

- Martin

Ubermensch said...

hey long time ive been here, you shudnt have any excuses to be so inactive. more and now.

Anil said...

A very happy anniversary! Hope you continue for many more years.

In case you are wondering I did get the 'quote':) Thank you my dear for the value you place on those words.

Ah coorg...a lovely lovely place. did a couple of treks in that area during my undergraduate era. Madikeri, Somvarpet, Tadiandamole...each name a special memory from that trip. Have the greatest of times there!

lakesidey said...

I am angry with you :( You were supposed to put up Coorg stuff before I left for the place :(:(

Casablanca said...

I guess most of us never imagined we would last a year in the blogging world. But then, it is addictive, isnt it :)

Geetanjali said...

Ahem ahem...vaguely remember a conversation in the not-so-distant past abt forthcoming posts and emails...

Extempore said...

@Finnegan: Thanks for lovely, kind words! *hug*

@Nocturne: Of course you are, champ! Look at the word cloud - you're in it and other places too!

@Luz de la Luna: Thanks, Martin. I think I've figured it out! :-)

@Ubermensch: *hangs head* Will write more often - really!

@Anil: I knew you'd get the quote - would have been shocked if you didn't. All of Coorg is lovely but Kutta, I think, doubly so!

@Lakesidey: Don't get me started about my photos right now. Will start wailing! :(

@Casa: Indeed it is and I'm glad I made it so long. :-)

@Geets: Well, forthcoming posts? One is up and the second should follow soon. Really!