Monday, March 12, 2007

Random Ribbits

Nothing makes a weekend simply sublime better or faster than some retail therapy. Make it books and food and I'm halfway to heaven—if, indeed, there is such a place.

I started it with one of my closest friends, spending hours at the Bombay branch of the best bookstore in India, browsing through prohibitively expensive editions of old favourites and overpriced but much desired new books.

Strangely, nothing works as well as book shopping, or even spending time in a book store, endlessly browsing. Not shoes, not clothes, not jewellery, not anything. I'm a strange, silly woman, I think.

Many, many thanks to a birthday many months past, an indulgent friend, and my own overwrought wallet, I walked out loaded with these:
The next day, I went into town with the said friend, another one, and the elder sibling for a trip to what a beautiful death must be like. After cutting across a snarl after snarl of hideous traffic, living in the abject terror of missing lunch, we finally made it to Apoorva at Fort.

I am not going to sing paeans to the food, describe the place, or my experience there. That's just repetitive and trite. But I will say this. Two large vodkas, prawns koliwada, fried surmai, butter-garlic clams, prawn ghassi, pomfret curry, clams sukkha, and endless neer dosa later, I was blissed out. All I was fit for was a toffee ice-cream sandwich from K. Rustom's.

Now if only every weekend was like this, I'd be more than somewhat happy. :-)


Randomly blog-hopping and I came across a fun little widget. I fell completely in love!


Nocturne said...

yay!!! got here first! that weekend sounds agar firdaus barzooe zameen ast, hameen asto hameen asto hameen ast.

Parth said...

Let me know how the last book goes. I am reading The Ground Beneath Her Feet right now and the growth of Bombay parallel to the growth of the characters is a terrific read. You can close your eyes and imagine it the way it was. I felt really inspired to see photographs of Bombay in the early part of the century leading upto now.

{illyria} said...

i miss retail therapy. but thanks for the heads up! :)

Plain Jane said...

Randomly blog-hopping it seems? Ahem ahem...well I'm here, I do visit your blog as regularly as one should considering how regularly you post *ducking to avoid shooting missile* and I've rectified the mistake I made on my randomly blog-hopping? GRUMPF!

Totally get what you mean by retail (book) therapy, though any retail therapy is good na, provided one has the funds ofcourse ;-)

Extempore said...

@Nocturne: Shukran, sweetie!

@Parth: Am making my way through some other books but plan to get to that quite soon. Will keep you posted.

@Illyria: Anytime, my dear! :-)

@Plain Jane: I explained to you only, so pls don't shoot me now.