Monday, October 15, 2007

Mensis Mirabilis

I have an odd mix of accomplishments to list here today and it seems impossible to not smile about either one.

Today is one year since I quit smoking. After ten years. I quit in a fit of pride; didn't like being told the stick was stronger than me, don't you know. The first few weeks were a little miserable, what with people all over the country trying to tempt me back. But you know that you've really and truly quit when in the biting, early-morning January Delhi cold, you can detachedly hold a cigarette and watch it burn down to the filter and NOT WANT to take a drag. I think I'll always miss the "after a great meal" smoke and the solitary, contemplative smoke but for the biggest part, I'm just glad I quit.

Secondly, I can now stop saying "I am the only 27 year-old in Bombay who can say that it's been 23 years since I last went to Goa." Yup, yup. Am finally in Goa. Under a blazing hot sun. Soaking up the susegad. Eating like it's my last week on Earth. Drinking alcohol in lieu of water. Exploring the smaller stuff. Falling back in love with my life. Rediscovering my photographic eye. Finally having my Dil Chahata Hai moment.

More when I'm back. There will be, I am sure, since I'm with the ex-reviewer. Like a good child, I am being harassed into writing, complete with drafting and polishing, every day. :-)


Parth said...

Congratulations on the achievement. I have seen the addiction up close and also the struggle to give it up, so I can understand how tough it must be. Enjoy Goa!

{illyria} said...

that's great. you know, it's the little things that give us the most fulfillment. wishing you well. xx.

Anonymous said...

10 years since i touched the things, and still find my fingers twitching once in a while. it's an achievement.

meanwhile, all the best in Goa. :)

Plain Jane said...

Don't whether to feel glad that you finally reached Goa and will stop chanting about the lack in your life (i.e Goa trip et al) or dread that you're nearly back home and will soon start chanting about how divine it was ;-)

Ok and now that it's been a year, stop chanting about the cigg achievement also! ;-)

Heheh...waiting for the fear of the ex-reviewer to kick in, so you post the first Goa post :-)

Extempore said...

@Parth: It was somewhat easier by the 3rd month. Thanks, my dear!

@Illyria: And I have so realised it on this trip. Thanks!

@ Nocturne: :-)

@Plain Jane: Pitoge tum beta!

Infinity said...

you know what, you wouldnt have been the only one in Mumbai, or on second thoughts, you would have (coz now am not in Bombay). In any event, consider me adequately inspired, am heading straight for feniland when I land back home! cheers!

Extempore said...

@Infinity: :-) Pls do... I loved it so much that after booking my tickets back, I canned them and came back one day later! And write to me for an extensive list of where to get good feni. :-)