Friday, November 16, 2007

On the Road...

... in Goa is where you'll come across these incredibly funny hoardings. When the the ex-boss told me about a few advertising local musical talent last year, I refused to believe him until he showed me camera phone evidence. This year, I found them too — all over the place. I found this hoarding on my way into Baga from Porvorim but I finally ended up taking this shot on the way to Anjuna.

The Voice of Goa 2007 contest features Henry K "Iglesias" from Benaulim, "Shakira" Soares from Saligao, and Joaquim "Morrisson" (the Lizard King must be rolling in his grave!) from Mandrem in the finals. For good measure (apparently), the organizers have also thrown in a performance by Hard Kaur. Ah, to be back for this show. On the whole, it's a decent-ish campaign but the Henry K hoarding is nothing short of a stroke of the utmost genius!

This photo below is just a little off Calangute Beach. It was only my second morning in Goa and I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about settling down to feni just yet. What I was enthusiastic about was trying to ride the Honda Activa. I wheedled my way into turning left off the beach parking lot and riding down the lane that led to this sign. You've got try this — say Maddo-Waddo really fast a few times and you'll find that it has a lovely rhythm that's bloody addictive... or so I thought. I don't suppose that it bears mentioning that Mr. Boatcar's name just made the frame!

The photos aren't as well-shot as I would have liked but I must admit that it's a little difficult to take good pictures when you're balancing yourself, a camera, and a bottle of King's on the backseat of an Activa. Ah well, you win some but for the ones you don't, there's always some King's.


Parth said...

Isn't Hard Kaur the singer in 'Move Your Body' from Johnny Gaddar?

XR said...

What about the road safety messages? Didn't you take a few of those?
By the way, don't you think it's time you started calling me something more casual, like maybe 'XR'? 'Ex-reviewer' sounds like you went to Goa with your boss! Quite crazy, especially since we both know who gets bossed around here! ;-)

Extempore said...

@Parth: I'm not sure but I must check it out!

@GD: XR a la HR in Aap ka Surroor!!! I thought you slept through the film? A closet Himesh fan? I'll pass, thanks. And let me - weren't you my boss for 2 1/2 years and NEVER let me forget it??? And you wanted to talk about getting bossed around! Finally, this is my blog, sweetness, I'll call you what I want. So there. Do your worst. :D