Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Like every other year, 2008 also arrived with a whole bunch of resolutions. Like what, you ask? Oh, I don't know... Like keeping in touch and like mailing/calling friends often. Like spending long, languid hours reading in bed and like writing/blogging more often. Like getting my camera out more and like seeing more of Bombay. Like eating healthier and like getting some exercise. Like learning to tune some people out and like focusing on the important things. Like finally getting back to work and like being proactive about the bloody, rotten job search.

I must admit, the prospect of leaving the lovely, lazy life when there's finally a winter about is so entirely daunting. But still, it's got to be done and unfortunately, it's got to be done by me. I've started looking for "gainful employment"... keep your fingers crossed for the alternate dream job to materialise and make up for the disappointments of last year!

And don't you know, 2008 has also squarely put an academic begging bowl in my hands. I'm busy thinking out articles and digging up old academic essays. I spend e-mails harassing old professors (now very dear friends) and sucking up to ex-bosses. All of this, lamentably, is taking just the wee-est bit precedence over typing out a post. I assure you, my dear, I do not like that. No, no, not one bit indeed, especially since I have some rather yummy pictures of Pune and some other nice things to share.

But since one of those aforementioned resolutions is to be proactive, I'm soldiering away and ignoring the urge to procrastinate. Also, despite some rather major roadblocks, things are shaping up slowly and I finally have the beginnings of an application package in place. Now only to conquer the nerves and I should be fine. All in all, I do not think I should be longer than a few more days and so, on the off chance that you'd missed me, this notice!


Parth said...

I second you. I have been trying to get to all that I have been promising, but work has just taken over. Can't expect my bosses to understand why posting on my blog is so important, can I? :-)

Extempore said...

Parth: No, I quite understand. Bosses can be notoriously pigheaded about the more important things in life. Once you get a little free, I'm looking forward to the photos from you. :-)

Kate / Kajal said...

Hey there babe , a lot of resolutions happening on my end as well, i hope to keep up to them. Best of luck with your job hunting. Hope this year brings you a lot of good fortune and happiness, success at work and in life.

Anonymous said...

what do you need resolutions for? you've already got everything worth having - like fame, beauty, and inkstained fingernails. not to mention Parth's priceless comments. :D

Anonymous said...

not to mention the vocabulary. mimble wimble?! fiddle faddle!!