Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of Sore Throats and Certainty

Along with the sickening realization that summer is finally bloody here, I have just discovered that I have taken over two thousand photographs in the past eighteen months. How many of those have seen the light of this blog or Flickr? I am, admittedly, more than a little disappointed in myself that I have begun to collect photographs to "do" the way I collect posts to "write". And if I go to Goa at the end of this month, I just might end up collecting photos and posts of another trip before I finish the Madras posts or, bloody hell, before I finish the Goa pictures from October last year!

Since I'm stuck awake because of a sore throat and the oppressive Madras heat (yes, yes, I'm back here!) that won't quit, I'm going to content myself with this small post and this, if I may say so myself, lovely photograph of a tree outside the guest house balcony. I took this while waiting for this kooky friend to show up. I've finally made one of those in Madras. She's taken me around a lot, stood up for me and all Gujjus in the face of ridicule, and been one of the girls. It's been much better this time indeed. I'm still not at ease but it's been okay... really.

Outside the Window


I wonder if the guilt trip would work but I suppose there's no harm in trying, no? If I neatly make a list of all pending photo albums, will I finally start "doing" the photos? I wonder. Here goes nothing then.
  1. Kerala, August 2006
  2. Hyderabad, Dehradun, and Pushkar, January 2007
  3. Bombay, October 2007 - March 2008
  4. Goa, October 2007
  5. Pune, December 2007
  6. Nashik, March 2008
  7. Madras, April 2008
That's it - I was wrong. There was harm in trying — my procrastination is even worse listed down. Kill me now and be over and done with it. Really. I mean that.


Hyde said...

So many pending albums? My list of pending albums (so far two) is nothing now... but then I have other things to do...

Parth said...

Two thousand snaps???? Definitely need to see light of the day or a website. Looking forward to seeing some of them.

Nocturne said...

*pursing lips and peering at you through lowered spectacles grimly*

it just proves my point that you need a digital camera, that you've always needed one, and that a manual camera - be that as may be a Nikon - severely depreives the world.

oh, and whatever berries those are - they look luscious.

Plain Jane said...

(and that was a devilish one!)

Desparado said...

great photograph! Colours are so vibrant n lively...ur words are flawlss too!

{illyria} said...

i think time is just too fast for us. believe me, i know. i have the same problem, too. at least in terms of filing everything i've ever taken in the past year.

i love that snap, btw. so alive!

Shukan said...

What is this ...
pandemonium !

Extempore said...

@Hyde: What's that supposed to mean?! I have other things to do too - which is why all the albums become pending no? :-)

@Parth: I'm thinking the same thing, I tell you!

@Nocturne: I've been using a digital only for the past few months - my film camera got stolen from a friend's house. Don't ask... It's a long story. And they're not berries... not exactly sure what they are though! :-)

@Plain Jane: I know, you wretch!

@Desperado: Thank you!

@Illyria: *mournfully* I know... I don't even understand where it disappears sometimes! :-)

@Shukan: Pandemonium? Really?