Friday, June 06, 2008

In want of a good home

This is Wheezy (female),


and this is Patchy (female),


and this is Brownie (male).


They currently live in the ex-reviewer's building and are part of a litter that originally numbered seven but because of human stupidity and nature's way, there are five left. The puppies are around two and a half months old now — these pictures were taken just a few days ago — and we're looking for homes for these three dogs because there are already between 5-7 dogs in the building and five more would be a bit much! More importantly, we'd like to give these guys a fighting chance at a good life, especially since Patchy has a bit of a bad leg. That doesn't stop her running around as much as the others though.

All three are very active and sweet tempered dogs who usually play nice. They're also in the process of getting all their shots and the such like. If you want, you can even meet the mother and the (probable) father, both of whom are extremely sweet, healthy, and good natured dogs. To be perfectly honest, we'd prefer people who have owned dogs before and we hope you won't mind when we ask you a few questions. We only want to make sure that the pups find a good home and are not re-homed after a few months because someone didn't think the whole thing through and then changed their minds.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd please tell as many people as you know in Bombay who'd be interested in giving any one (or all) of these a good home. You can mail me at evestigio[at] and we can take it from there. And yes, in case you're worried about the names - don't be, They don't really answer to them. I just like calling them that. :-)

Pictures courtesy the ex-reviewer - and that's only because I need to be at work during the day! I quite wish I'd taken the one of Patchy though! Sigh...


Vi said...

Oh! I wish I could take any of these and give them a good home. Alas, the parents would not be too thrilled. Sigh. Wheezy and Brownie have such heartbreaking eyes.

Extempore said...

That Wheezy's the most miserable of the lot - well, almost but when she comes running up looking at you with those eyes, you kind of forget everything else! :-)

Beth said...

Those are the cutest little puppies ever. Waaaah I wish I could take them all! I'm sure my dog wouldn't mind. The airlines might though.

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