Friday, July 08, 2005

For the Reviewer

This post is, in a "cosmic sense", related to On Marriage. It was born of my reviewer's request and since he is my immediate boss at work, I do hope it pleases him.

I am in the terrible habit of drafting and doing what I hope is "crafting" for every post I put up. (Yeah, this one's been on the drawing board awhile and I am still not convinced it is any good at all!)

Well, one rainy evening at work, I was plodding along, working on
On Marriage, desperately attempting coherence and most importantly, a point. Now, being a writer habituated to machines that die without warning, while typing out the post, I hit CTRL+S as I usually do while writing.

On Blogspot, that's a bad idea. As we all know (or at least should know!), hitting CTRL+S will publish your draft. Put it up on Web. As it were, make it public property.

Can you see it in your head? One minute I was typing, swearing at the monitor, business as usual; the next, I was on my feet, staring at the screen, traumatized. Next thing, I ran to the reviewer's desk to wail about my championship.

Accustomed as he is to my explosions, rantings, raving and downright lunacy, his classic reaction was perhaps what reassured me most. All he said was "What a jhaatiya!You have to post something about this jhaatu-giri!"

All would sleep well in my conveniently and queerly techno-phobic world. With my thanks, my dear reviewer, accept this post.


Garreth said...

You are a jhaatu, men.
Anyway... So you finally did use the word on your sacred blog. Very amusing tale, I enjoyed it. Of course I'm in it so I can't be objective. (How many commas do I need in that last sentence, Arun?)
Am awaiting the next post. Hope it doesn't take another 10 days, jhaatiya.

i-me-moi said...

i am assuming you are aware of the real-time, everyday implications of the word :p

Extempore said...

Oh yeah, Sprechen! That was the point. That's how Garry refers to me... fondly, I might add !! :))

Anonymous said...

Jhaatiya??? Umm, oookhay.

Then she says that I have no love!?