Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blue on White

Scratching, scraping, rasping,
A pen on paper.
Blue on white.
on purple, red and violet.

Lines... dots... blobs... until...
A distant meaning is born.

Tonight I will write.
random imitations of greatness
that wound
Only me.


Dan Husain said...

Wow! The last stanza is brilliant! And so is your profile pic. :-)



madhavan said...

Scrapings raspings
Words of violence
Of tiny gaspings

Gently be
Gently be you
Gently ease the words
Gently raise the flame
Gently gently pour the ink
Gently offer

And will come
by little
On trails
of blue
On sure
On light

Princesse said...

Very beautifully expressed!

@madhavan - amazing follow up! :)

Glad to have stumbled across your blog E Vestigio!

Blue Athena said...

There's a great power in words, if you don't hitch too many of them together.

Josh Billings

PS: Thank you for dropping by. Liked your words. :)

Casablanca said...

random imitations of greatness
that wound
Only me.

Ouch... that hurts.


lakesidey said...

And if you wound only yourself, my child, where's the point?

Let it out, let the world see your words, and be wounded in turn.

Write, in the knowledge that you can move mountains (and the hearts of your readers) with the power of your words.

And imitate greatness by all means, for thus it is that we too may become great. (And who should know better than us that a photo can oft be even better than the original? It's all a matter of composition!:)

Paper on pen, type on screen, blue on white.....but it's the "distant meaning", the thought beneath, that matters. Let your ink flow...

Forgive me for being cryptic, but I know no other language!

SaidBack said...

Did you write?

Anil said...

the last four lines are brilliant...they remind me of similar lines by another poet/writer whose name for the life of me I cannot seem to remember now! do you by any chance?

transience said...

wounding only you? but you've wonded me, too! these words of yours make me ache acutely.

Anonymous said...

impressive :)

with regards

I am talkin about the change of skin :P..kidding

Extempore said...

@Dan: Thanks very much for your kind words! The pic is the result of some tinkering around in Photoshop. Do drop by again! :-)

@Madhavan: Oh my... thank you! :-). I'll look forward to seeing you around here.

@Princesse: Thanks so much for dropping by and commmenting. Do drop by again!

@Blue Athena: I am not sure what you meant but thanks! :-)

@Casa: Thanks sweetie!

@Lakesidey: Thank you - and these words are not enough. You have no idea how much you have propped up a rapidly diminishing trust in my own words. *hug*

@Pepper: Am getting started, Majesty! :-)

@Anil: Thanks! The first line is an almost direct lift from Pablo Neruda's Tonight I can write and that's where the next part flows from. Am glad you noticed. :-)

@Transience: Oh my dear, for one who writes the way you do - you are too kind! Thank you - so much. :-)

@FM: Thanks!

Silvermoon said...

"Scratching, scraping, rasping,"
Lines... dots... blobs... until...
A distant meaning is born"-
That brilliantly describes how the writing process is sometimes for me. My senses become alive seeing your strong words.

"that wound
Only me"

Like others that pierced me. I think you underestimate your abilities. I"m new here, but I see writing that moves me. :)

Jackal said...

I agree then final verse is loaded.

Extempore said...

@Silvermoon: I am so glad you identified with this so well and thanks so much for your generous comments. :-)

@Jackal: Thanks!