Saturday, November 05, 2005

Of Tangerine and 55 Word Tags

With the ebb and flow of the sea,
Tangerine closes about me.
The wind,
Touching my breasts, my inner spaces,
Caresses this silent lucidity.

In the distance, whispers carry
seductive invitations to misplaced dreams.
My nightmares writhe
In the butterfly death dance and
… release me.

The ebb and flow of the sea…
A hypnotic panacea.

Sunset at Madh II


I have .:A:. to thank for this. This was so much fun - even though I did take too long doing it! :-)

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FM said...

An impromptu comment:

Thanks for wishing me. You are always welcome :)

with regards

Brood Mode said...

beautiful verses! hypnotized by the pic

Parth said...

Good work. You are a certified 100% sea-o-phile. Welcome to the club!

. : A : . said...

Ah, this was worth the wait. I like the sensual imagery in this piece.

Have added it to the list of 55 word poems.

Thanks for taking it up.

SaidBack said...

nice one :)

very well done.

Eleventy Seven said...


A little beyond me to be frank. I think ofm e as one who is short on verses and poetry. Can never imagine composing any and understanding one takes immense amount of work for my feeble brain.

But writing a poem in 55 words and expressing in a limited art form is definately a feat.

I savour the pic which, quite honestly, is the main course for me, if I could make your blog posts a meal.

Casablanca said...

Nicely written.

Yours Truly...Conman said...


i-me-moi said...

whoopsidaisies. amazing. see now this is where you literature grads have a more than marginal advantage over us techhies aspiring to be literati. this also reminds me i still have a 55-word story pending. will put in an honest effort soon. cheers.

Words Worth said...

yeah, you should be proud. it's really beautiful. :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing verses and an absolutely soul stirring pic :)

Well done!


Extempore said...

@FM: Thanks!

@Brood Mode: Thanks!

@Parth: :)

@.:A:. : Thank you, Augustus! Am glad you liked it.

@Pepper: Good enough wax, I trust! :)

Saurabh: I don't know, my dear, I don't believe that poetry is beyond anyone - as always, be happy to recommend some stuff. :) Am glad you liked the pic.

@Casablanca: Thanks sweets - am trying for an encore.

@Sprechen: You are too kind, my dear! I read your story and I fully stand by what I said.

@Wordsworth: Thanks love!

@Jo: :)... Thanks!
@Everyone: Forgive the tardiness since I am out of town, with not enough time to blog. Will be back Sunday with some awesome pics and stories! :)

finnegan said...

Wondering where my comment went. I posted earlier and now it's vanished. Gulnaz mentioned the same thing happening to her after posting at my site. Hmm

Nevermind. I am not here to quibble about such triflings. This 55'er is what's on my mind. Somehow 55 seems to really inspire you. Of course any references to dreams and nightmares has got my attention 100%.

gautami tripathy said...

That was good. I must try my hands at 55 words too!

incognito said...

I really like the lines:

In the distance, whispers carry
seductive invitations to misplaced dreams.

A good work of art in just 55 words. Wonder what you can do in 500. :-)

Prat said...

In addition to the posts, I absolutely love your responses to comments. Nice old world charm, really.
Beautiful poem too.
I wonder how one manages to express himself in the limit.

Extempore said...

@Finnegan: There seem to be a lot of these virtual black holes happening and am glad this one stayed! I think you're right - I love the discipline and the distilling these constraints provide. Am so glad you liked it! :)

@Gautami: Thanks -for both commenting and dropping by! A

@Incognito: Well, 500 maybe too many! ;)

@Prat: Thank you, my dear. I fully admit to being very happy about your comment about my comments! :) Am glad you liked this one!

Jackal said...

Beautiful and so tender.

Extempore said...

@Jackal: Thanks so much!