Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet George


This is George.

The elder sibling hates the name and the ex-reviewer thinks I stole his dog's name. But there's nothing I could do, you know. I lifted him out of the box and I just knew — this was George. He's about eight months old now and I'm still in the process of getting to know him and what he's actually capable of.

Truth be told, I'm still more than a little scared of him. I know, I know. Time and practice and all will be well. I've got to admit that for a camera that I've wanted a long, long time (a DSLR and not the 450D), I am bizarrely reluctant to use it. After having used three cameras over the past four years, I know every camera has a point after which it is yours.

I don't know if this reluctance is a function of not having much to say with my camera or just plain intimidation - you know, the variety that comes calling when you, in a terrifying instant, realise that you're in so far over your head that there's no way but forward.

I took six months and a fourteen day trip to Goa to make the elder sibling's camera "mine". I took a trip to Takhatgarh and Jodhpur to become less frightened of George. I'm jinxed in Rajasthan, you see. Another one of A's cameras bit the dust in my hands in Rajasthan. Don't ask what happened or don't ask how it did but suddenly, I was much, much closer to George. Everything looked rosy on the surface of it but suffice to say, the results leave much to be desired. And for once, I really think that the less I say about something, the better.

In the days since, I have spent nights with my camera manual and the guide book. I now hope for work to leave me alone enough to go out and experiment with what I think I have learnt. I save up for macro and telephoto lenses and badger professional photographers at store events for tips. All things remaining equal, in a lifetime or so, George and I will have no secrets between us.

Pray for me, won't you?


Parth said...

May you and George have a happy photographic journey together. A patient approach is the corner stone of any successful marraige

Vidya said...

I decided that my 450D was a man, too. I haven't named him yet, though. My laptop is 'Maha' so I need something that is equal to that. :)

That said, I agree entirely with your sentiment. I feel the exact same way - it's hard to believe that such an instrument can intimidate you, but it can - frighteningly so.

Perhaps - let us pray together, dear?

Rada said...

The more intimidated you are by George, the more problems you will have with him.

Treat him like a friend and he will wag his tail and be your slave for life.

Trust me. I lugged around an SLR (they were much heavier those days!) for almost two decades before trading it all for a "point and shoot" Sony Cybershot!

All the best!

Extempore said...

@Parth: Thanking you so kindly, sir. :-) He has no choice but to be patient!

@Vidya: You're telling me! Let me know when's a good time to chat - want to run some photos by you.

@Rada: I used to have a Nikon F75 and somehow, I was so much more comfortable with that. Thanks so much for the encouragement! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Saltwater Blues said...

Here's something I read just yesterday on the 450D.

The email is

Anil P said...

Remember 'Travels with Charley'? Well, we might have 'Travels with George' next :-)

Keep enjoying the journeys, George will sort himself out. Learn only what is necessary and the rest you will learn as the need arises.

Put the manual away for now :-)