Monday, September 12, 2005

The Muse Returns...?

I, Bag Lady

She is a bag lady,

rummaging among Garbage
For an unsullied memory.
There is nothing here.
nothing left to save... or hide.
It is time.
time now to find another blind alley.

Like a circle in a square...
there is no exit.

In the abrupt silences of her dead laughter,
I vow....
NEVER to be her.


Anonymous said...

Finally! A post spared train journeys, Hyderabad and any permutations of both! Well done!

the cowlick said...


finnegan said...

wow, i have a character in my dream who resembles your bag lady. she is "v" with the plastic shopping cart. In real life she was a friend of mine, but now is gone, only visiting via my dreams.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, the muse returns.
When I read the verse, I visualize night, though it isn’t specified clearly. Wonder why that happens!
I don’t quite like the rhythm of the two lines:
"It is time.
time now to find another blind alley."
I can’t really explain why, all I know is that the word "now" is somehow jarring here. Maybe it's just me.
Anyway. Here’s a thought: should the last line be “no more to be her”?

Ray Ben said...

that's a beauiful one!

Extempore said...

@Anon: The next time, brother mine, leave your name... and don't be nasty! :)

@The Cowlick: Thanks!

@Finnegan: Worlds within worlds, within words, yes?

@NJ: Thanks, am flattered you think so! Perhaps I could have made it more obvious in the last line but I quite prefer the subtlety.

@Ray Ben: Thanks! Am glad you thought so. Thanks for commenting and I look forward to seeing you here again. :)

. : A : . said...

I can see her rummaging for the unsullied memories ...

aristera says said...

unsullied momeries...very vivid.
nice style, btw.

Extempore said...

@ .:A:. : :-)

@Aristera: Thanks for both the comment and dropping by. Will look forward to seeing you here again.

Anonymous said...

I were you, I would have thought about some intervention program... :-0)

jokes apart,

am impressed... P

Anonymous said...


missed ur blog while i was in the field. P

Ubermensch said...

well caught; did she ever given an oppurtunity to make that *vow* at least?

Extempore said...

@P: Thanks! For both being impressed and for missing my blog... since that is all you missed! :P!

@Uber: Well, the vow's been taken... the prayer is that it should hold. :)! Thanks!